Sunday, April 9, 2017

11. I’ll Get Better Tomorrow
When I got home Brat Boy was sitting up on the couch, doing homework.  He looked a ton healthier than he had two nights earlier.
“Feeling better?” I asked. 
“I am,” he said, “But I still think I could’ve gone to school and played in that game.”
“Yeah, but you’d still be sick today, if you had.  Like your buddy who did throw up during the game.”
Brat Boy laughed, snorted, and laughed again.  “I wish I could have seen it.  You ever do that? Play when you were really sick?”
“Once or twice.  Sometimes I still go to work when I should stay home.  It only prolongs the sickness.   At work I meet a lot of people who stay in relationships as they get sicker and sicker.  Relationships with drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, people – you name it.”
“Why do people do that?”
“Some think it’s not that bad, and maybe it’ll get better.  Some don’t think they deserve better.  Things rarely improve on their own. Sooner they start taking care of themselves, sooner they get well.”

Today I won’t put off taking care of myself.

Time for a Change ©2017 by Ken Montrose
Time for a Change is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.

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