Monday, August 3, 2015

27. Persistent v. Pigheaded
 “The second brick I found was persistence,” I told Tigger.  “I hadn’t gotten myself into that mess overnight.  I wasn’t going to get out of overnight.  People weren’t going to change their opinions of me because I’d gone to an AA meeting or two.  I had to keep going even when I didn’t seem to be making much progress.  I couldn’t give up because other people doubted me.”
“I suck at sticking with things,” Tigger said.
 “It takes practice,” I said.  “But before you work on it, make sure you know the difference between persistence and pigheadedness.  Persistent people move relentlessly toward something, but are smart enough to change directions if they have to.   Pigheaded people plow ahead even when they hit a brick wall.  They can’t detour, they won’t adjust.”
Tigger smiled.  “My sister and my brother-in-law love my nephew.  They want him to get his act together, neither one of them will give up on him.   My sister just started going  to  Al-Anon to figure out how other parents deal with their kids’ addiction. My brother-in-law yells at the kid every day, all day.  She’s persistent, he’s pigheaded.” 
Today I will be persistent not pigheaded.

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