Monday, October 12, 2015

77. Small Changes
The next day Mick finished treatment.  She told the group she was changing her name.
“I can’t stand my real name, Glinda, and Mick is short for Michelob.  Both names make me think about drinking.  I’m legally changing my first name to Ashley ‘cause I feel like I’m rising out of the ashes,” she said with a smile. I might even name the baby ‘Phoenix.”
“What will changing your name accomplish?” Phil asked, rolling his eyes.
Too my surprise, Tara defended Mick. “Any little thing you do to change the people, places, and things of your addiction improves your chances of staying clean,” Tara said.  She had been struggling to be a nicer person, but she couldn’t help but add, “You should try changing something, Phil. I’d start with that shirt.”  Group went a little downhill from there.

Today I will be happy with small, positive, changes. 

Writing My New Story © 2015 by Ken Montrose

(Just a reminder: Writing My New Story is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to anyone you might know is purely coincidental.)

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