Tuesday, October 13, 2015

78. Being There
That night Blondie’s soccer team honored the seniors, including Blondie. 

A little blond girl about the age Blondie was when she started playing soccer sat several rows in front of us in the stands.  She wore a jersey from the league Blondie had played in when she was just learning the game.  I had to look away.

“Are you crying?” my wife asked.

“Allergies,” I said turning away and wiping my eyes.

“You’re not allergic to anything,” she whispered.

I thought about all the games I had watched, all the club teams, the school teams, the tournaments, and the leagues.  When I had missed her games I was with Brat Boy at one of his.  Years earlier I had written that one of recovery’s greatest rewards was being there when loved ones needed you.   I was right, and maybe a little sad, thinking of the people who couldn’t  be around for friends and family.

Today I will be grateful whenever I can be there for a loved one.

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