Tuesday, July 14, 2015

13. When Milestones Become Stumbling Blocks
I told Sam I was glad he was getting clean and sober early in his life.  He told me he was afraid of following in his grandfather’s footsteps. His grandfather had made a fortune despite being a raging alcoholic.
Sam said, “Grandpa was a good a man.  He knew he needed to spend more time with my dad, but there was always one more thing he had to do.  He knew he had a drinking problem, but there was always one more milestone he had to get past. He was going to be a better dad after the next big deal.  He was going to get sober after one more summer."
“Did he ever get sober?” I asked. 
Sam told me his grandfather got sober one year before he died.  “He had a great year, but he knew he’d missed out.  The milestones he passed that year were bittersweet.”

Today I will be careful not to let milestones become stumbling blocks.

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