Monday, July 27, 2015

22. Lightening the Load
“What does burden you?” Blondie asked.  “Other than the shame of being Brat Boy’s father.”  
My son snorted.  “Raise your hand if your team won the summer league championship,” my son said, raising his hand. “What? Just me?  I’m the only one who gave his poor father something to be proud of?  Wow, the burden of raising a non-championship-winning daughter.  That’s gotta weigh heavy, huh Dad?”
“Ignore him,” Blondie said.  “What does weigh you down?”
I told her how not accepting certain things added to my burden.  “I hate getting older. 
Political shenanigans.  Heroin dirt cheap and easily accessible.  Docs handing out painkillers like they were jelly beans. The sorry state of the media.  There’s no such thing as an Oreo and buttered popcorn diet, to name a few.”  I added,  “The good news is that to ease my burden, all I have to do is let it all go. I just need to do what I can, and accept what I must.”

Today I will ease my burden, I will let go.

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