Tuesday, July 28, 2015

23. No Offense Taken
It took me five seconds to understand why the new guy was nicknamed “Tigger.” He bounced into my office at 7:45 a.m. Group didn’t start until 9:00.  Sticking out his hand, he said I must be the writer guy, did I write Hauling it to the Curb, he liked the book, but thought it needed more sex and violence.  Before I could respond, he snatched a picture of my kids from my desk, said my teenage daughter was really, really pretty, she must have a lot of boyfriends, I should keep an eye on her. According to Tigger my son didn’t look like me, not at all, nope.  He asked me how much money I made, and suggested I get some of the gray taken out of my hair.  He told me how much he enjoyed Hauling.  He hoped I would write a follow-up, but instead of describing a normal couple in recovery, I should make the main characters vampires.
It was then I realized he meant no harm, and he had no intention of annoying me.  He was just someone a little manic with no filters.  I shook his hand and said, “Thanks, I’ll run the ‘vampires in recovery’ idea by The Boss, see what she thinks.”

Today I won’t take offense if no offense was meant.

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