Sunday, July 26, 2015

21. Responsibilities That Aren’t Burdens
When I got home my son and daughter were talking about a girl they knew. She had dumped her boyfriend, fed up with his childish and selfish behavior.  Blondie asked me what could be wrong with that boy.  I told her I could only guess, but some of his problem was likely immaturity.  Maybe a little insecurity. 
I wondered aloud if his father hadn’t set a good example.   I added, “Your grandfather told me the way I treat your mother will affect how you expect to be treated.  It will shape the way your brother treats women.   I have a responsibility to show you both the right way.  I’m lucky. Because I love your mother, it’s easy to be kind to her. It’s easy to be respectful because I admire her so much.   My responsibility to set a good example doesn’t burden me at all.”

Today I will be grateful for responsibilities that aren’t burdens.

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