Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Meditations for the First Thirty Days:
How Not to Become Roadkill on the Highway to Recovery

will be free on Amazon February 8th to February 12th, 2016:

Here's an excerpt:

Lesson Two

Marsha and Sally are good friends.  Marsha likes to listen to nature, her eyes closed, and her feet in a cool stream.  Sally likes to watch Monday Night Football, cursing like a sailor, and throwing popcorn at the screen.   Sally is often too hoarse to talk the morning after a big game.  Marsha tells Sally to seek an inner peace, away from the noise and chaos of modern life.  Sally tells Marsha to get a life.  After a game Sally will sit on her couch for an hour, too content to move.   

Today I will look for peace in noisy places.

God, I won’t ask you to help my team.  Just let me squeeze all the joy I can from the game, knowing that I can have fun without chemicals.  (Did I mention their quarterback often takes Your name in vain?)   p.3

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