Tuesday, June 27, 2017

65. Give it Time
An hour later Holton came back from the animal shelter.  As he passed my office I asked him why he was so opposed to getting sober. “You get another DUI and you’re screwed,” I said.
“Because I’m miserable now,” Holton said. “How much more miserable will I be without drinking?”
“You ever eat popcorn that was microwaved half as long as it needed to be?” I asked. “That’s miserable. You choke on the unpopped kernels.  You don’t like sobriety so far? You haven’t given it enough time. You’re still choking on all kinds of unresolved issues.  Be patient, and not just about recovery, but a lot of things in life that take a little time.”
Today I will give it enough time.
(Whatever ‘it’ happens to be.)

Time for a Change ©2017 by Ken Montrose
Time for a Change is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.
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