Monday, March 13, 2017

59. Once again with enthusiasm!

That night, I got coffee and two donuts and sat down at a long folding table set up in a church basement.  As I sank into the metal chair, I nodded at the thirtysomething woman sitting a couple of chairs away. 

The meeting began with the familiar readings.  The chairman asked if anyone had one day clean, one week clean, and then one month. The woman bounced to the podium to get her thirty day chip. She beamed as she walked back.

“Will anyone with five to ten years sober please stand,” the chairman said.  “Ten to fifteen.  Fifteen to twenty.”   When he got to twenty-five or more, I stood.   

After the meeting, the woman who’d gotten her 30 day chip hugged me. “Congrats on all those years!” she said.  She held up her chip. “I never thought I’d make it this far.”  As we talked, I couldn’t help but see the difference in our outlooks.  I was content, while she was enthusiastic. After our conversation, I realized a little of her enthusiasm had rubbed off on me.

Today I will seek out enthusiastic people.

Needles Not For Knitting is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.

Needles Not For Knitting (c) 2017 by Ken Montrose

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