Sunday, November 13, 2016

80. An Open Mind
“You!” a familiar voice said. “You sneaky old man!”

I turned to see Roy walking toward us, spilling coffee, and cursing. I asked him what was up.

“He brought RuhRoh to my house.  My daughter fell in love. She knows how sick Street Sign is, so she volunteered to take the dog.”

Street Sign smiled a wicked smile.  “Roy, you decided you didn’t want a dog long before you met me or RuhRoh.  Open your mind just a little.  You’ll see you can’t pass up a chance to grant a dying man his last wish and make your daughter happy.”

Roy sat down and RuhRoh put his head on Roy’s leg.  “I give up,” Roy said, scratching the dog’s ears.   

Today I will open my mind to doing the right thing.

Life on Life's Terms III (c) 2016 by Ken Montrose

Life on Life's Terms III is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.

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