Monday, January 2, 2017

12. I Spy With My Little Eye Someone Getting High
There was another long pause.  Gerry’s expression turned sour.  “You don’t break a little kid’s heart like that,” he said. “You just don’t.  Life’s painful enough.  I don’t have kids, but if I did I’d be more responsible.”

I said, “You’re an adult in that kid’s life.  Kids watch.  Kids see.  Ever been around his little girl while you were abusing Adderall? Ever driven over to his house when you were a little drunk?”

“She’s five.  I doubt she knows what I’m doing.”

“Maybe.  But I’ve talked with a lot of people who sensed something was wrong early on. As they got older, the picture got clearer. When they understood adults had been high while they were taking care of them, some felt betrayed.  Others thought if their parents did it, how bad could it be? They’re the ones most baffled when they lose their kids.”

Today I will remember, kids are watching.

Needles Not For Knitting is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.

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