Wednesday, January 18, 2017

23. Preparation v. Desperation
Brat Boy sat on the other side of me on the couch.  I asked him if he had everything ready for school tomorrow.

He said, “No – thought I wait ‘til the bus is coming up the street to find my basketball uniform. Then I plan to look for my lunch as the school bus rolls past.  That way I get to hear you mutter as you drive me to school.  About halfway there, I plan to remember I forgot something.  That’s when the real desperation will set in.”

“Or, wise guy,” I said, “You could round up everything you need tonight.  Use a little preparation to avoid a lot of desperation.”

“Where’s the fun and challenge in that?”

Today I will use a little preparation to avoid a lot of desperation.

Needles Not For Knitting is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.
Needles Not For Knitting (c) 2017 by Ken Montrose

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