Sunday, May 21, 2017

39. Will Power
I went to an AA meeting that night.  A newcomer asked me how long I’d been sober.
“Twenty-Eight years,” I said.
“You must have tremendous will power,” he said, shaking his head.  “I’m going on a week, and I really want a drink.”
I thought about the fifteen pounds I’d been trying to lose for twenty years. Every year I resolved to cut down on sweets, but never made it past January.  The only thing I’d successfully given up for Lent was giving up anything for Lent.  
“I don’t know,” I said. “I have a little willpower, but mostly I work on not needing it. I avoid being around booze, I distract myself if I have a craving, I try to keep busy, and I work out so I go to bed tired every night.”
Today I won’t rely on will power.

Time for a Change ©2017 by Ken Montrose
Time for a Change is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.
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