Monday, August 7, 2017

93. Love You to Death
Morgan walked up to the group, and without saying hello, said, “Can you believe my crazy mother is paying for my husband to stay in that hotel?  He doesn’t have to grow up, go back to work, and make a life for himself. She says she’s going to keep paying until I come to my senses and take him back.”
“How long can she afford that?” I asked.
“Forever and a day.  My mother married into money twice. My dad was an alcoholic.  For his fortieth birthday she had a wet bar installed in the basement. My stepdad had high cholesterol and a bad heart.  She fed him ribs and bacon until his heart stopped.  If you ask her, she’d tell you she did everything she could to make them happy. They were grown men who made bad decisions, but she enabled them both to death.”
“Enablers,” I said, “They’ll kill you with kindness.”
Today I’ll beware of enablers.
Time for a Change ©2017 by Ken Montrose
Time for a Change is a work of fiction. Any similarity between the characters and anyone you might know is purely coincidental.
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